38 Things About Me


Happy Birthday to ME! In honor of my 38th birthday, here are 38 totally random things you may or may not know about me.

  1. I got married on my 25th birthday. So Happy Anniversary to me too!
  2. My Starbucks order is a grande Chai Tea latte, nonfat, no water, 6 pump.
  3. I LOVE the smell of Downy and use way.too.much in our laundry.
  4. My undergrad degree is in History with Secondary Education (high school teacher) focusing in Comprehensive Social Studies and Psychology. Instead of attending my college graduation, I went to my first graduate course that morning and continued on to complete my MBA. Therefore, I was at Xavier for 7 years straight.
  5. The volume level on the radio in the car must be able to be divided by 2, 3 or 5 or it drives me bananas. Level 6 fine. Level 10 great. Level 11…no thanks.
  6. Panera Shortbread and Girl Scout Trefoils are my favorite cookies.  Busken iced cookies are a close second.
  7. I’ve never driven through a beverage barn. Well, maybe as a kid. I kind of remember my mom driving through for a gallon of milk.
  8. I can always find shoes at the store…I’m a size 9 1/2 or 10. They are almost always in stock.
  9. I spent my early career in banking (10 years) and then the rest in construction (6 years)…all in adult education. I focused on everything from training to leadership development to competency development to succession planning.
  10. I balance my checkbook using my paper statement every month to the penny. See #9.
  11. I do not typically enjoy attending or hosting a child’s birthday party. However, I LOVE hosting adult-only functions like my annual cookie exchange.
  12. I have lived in 4 states – Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee and Alabama.
  13. My DVR/Netflix line-up includes The Good Wife, Nurse Jackie, How I Met Your Mother, Breaking Bad, Modern Family.
  14. I cannot stand to eat a hot dog unless it is blackened on the grill.
  15. My favorite wine is Oregon Pinot Noir.
  16. I went to a Catholic grade school and my 8th grade class only had about 15 kids in it.
  17. My Strengths Finder is Futuristic, Maximizer, Strategic, Communication and Empathy.
  18. And for you DiSC lovers, I’m an “I”. Almost 100%.
  19. I still make headbands and hair bows upon request. However, the only craft show you will find me at is the West Chester Christmas Walk.
  20. I am a control freak. I’ve tried to tone this down. Having kids has helped.
  21. I remember seeing “Office Space” in the movie theater and thinking it was the stupidest movie ever. I almost walked out. I was working in a bank branch and at Blockbuster and nannying. Then I worked in a corporate setting in a cubicle, watched it again, and nearly peed my pants with laughter.
  22. I am a pear. And I’m just fine with it.
  23. I prefer to vacation somewhere new each year if possible. One of my favorite vacation memories was a day spent in Belgium. You can’t go wrong with waffles, chocolate, beer, repeat!
  24. I am not a pet person. No dog. No cat. No fish. However, I LOVE watching the birds in our backyard and constantly refill the feeders. Yellow finches and hummingbirds are a favorite.
  25. In my CD player in the van you will currently find Over the Rhine, Taylor Swift, Sarah McLachlan, and the Frozen soundtrack.
  26. I love to read. Just about anything. The library is one of my favorite places.
  27. I never in my wildest dreams would ever have thought I’d type the next 5 words. I’m a swim team mom. I was never a strong swimmer.
  28. I loathe cleaning the house. However, I’d pick weeds, mow grass, trim bushes and garden all day long.
  29. I love trying new restaurants. I often ask the waiter for a suggestion. And I usually order it.
  30. I collect magnets as souvenirs of places traveled. Our fridge is covered and a fun reminder of places we’ve visited.
  31. I love keeping lists. Wunderlist is probably my favorite app.
  32. I have a stress fracture in my pelvis from running a half marathon in Birmingham that comes back to haunt me from time to time. So I’ll never be distance runner. However, I love to walk and really enjoy boot camp.
  33. I make ZERO dollars blogging. However, I’ve gotten some cool products, received tickets to awesome experiences, and made a lot of great connections. It’s a fun hobby I enjoy.
  34. I make my bed about twice a year.
  35. Since my family is connected to Skyline Chili, I’ve never even stepped foot inside a Gold Star.
  36. I am now a beer snob thanks to my hubby. I’m currently enjoying Helles.
  37. I can’t stand to go to bed with the kitchen island cluttered. As long as it is empty and clean, I can sleep at night. Even if it’s all piled up on the desk right beside it!
  38. Hmmmm…this last one is taking forever. Because I’m a perfectionist and none are good enough to be last. Which is probably why I don’t finish a lot of things I start. So there.

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  1. I loved this! Happy belated birthday!

    I too love keeping the bird feeders full and watching birds! I also hate to clean the house and would happily do yard work all day instead. Love the DiSC…. I need to take it again. And I make my bed as much as you do!


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