Getting a Closet Facelift – Part Four: Lesson Learned


I am a pear. I will always be a pear. I used to wear clothes that brought everyone’s eyes to my HIPS/thighs. Now I’ve l learned how to bring people’s eyes to my WAIST. This was my #1 lesson learned from my session with Ainslie. She loved the skirt I am pictured in above (my mouth wide open…yep, I was speaking at a conference).

She pulled it out of my closet and said, “THIS!!! Why don’t you ever wear THIS?!?!?!”

My reply, “I practically lived it in all summer. I LOVE that skirt. It was $12.99 at Costco. I assumed you’d hate it!”

Ainslie, “Put it on like you wore it last summer.”

And so I did. With the same shirt above, but not tucked in. She sighed.

Ainslie, “Oh, that’s why. You weren’t noticeable in it. TUCK IN your shirt.”

WTH? Tuck it in? Was she crazy? Why would I do that? It wouldn’t cover my hips. But I obliged. And then looked in the mirror. I was shocked.  She added a bright yellow necklace, a white jean jacket and heels…I barely recognized myself.

I was wearing my clothes incorrectly. My lesson? Figure out your body shape. Then study what to wear and how to wear it. For me the key is my waist. Use wide belts, tuck things in, wear items like the skirt above that actually had a cute waist in the fabric that I was covering or the swim suit I ordered that had the shirred band at the waist.

Overal, this experience was a lot of fun and I promise to update you after Ainslie returns for the final part of my consultation.

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