Getting a Closet Facelift – Part One: Before the Consultation


My closet no longer excited me!

I have been a stay-at-home-mom for over a year now. And when I looked in my closet a month or so ago, it just made me sigh. When I quit my job I held onto all of my clothes not knowing what exactly I would wear or need in my new “working” environment. So I saw a bunch of clothes that I didn’t know if I even liked anymore! However, I was unsure of what to keep, what to donate, and what to burn. And the thought of sorting out my clothes and shopping for whatever I still needed…BLEH! Remember, I’m the fashion flunkie. So it was time to call in some help.

I hired a fashion expert.

I made an appointment with Ainslie from ModHousewife. And then I got super nervous. Because the realization hit me…she’s going to go through my closet! There’s something sacred about the clothes you’ve chosen to fill your closet. You chose them. And now someone was going to come and give an opinion. What was I thinking?


Preparing for the appointment helped me in the long run.

Suddenly I needed to be prepared. Because organizing calms me and makes me feel better. And looking back, this was the BEST thing I did before our appointment. I spent an entire evening after the kids went to bed sorting through everything in my closet and dresser. (It helped that Andy was out of town!) Anything that wasn’t easily visible in my closet was now scattered around my bedroom until our appointment the next morning.




I made a list of priorities.

I needed to be sure our time was spent wisely (being friends was tricky, because we could both get lost in conversation!) so I made a list of my own priorities.

  1. What “work wear” do I keep that can be used in other outfits?
  2. What key pieces in a wardrobe was I missing?
  3. What accessories were I missing (jewelry? shoes? purses?)?
  4. And the dreaded bathing suit…what should I be wearing this summer?

I was as ready as I could be. Stay tuned for my next blog posts that will describe the actual appointment itself and what happened afterwards. If you need a closet facelift, consider hiring someone to help you. Ainslie was extremely helpful and she would make a fantastic birthday gift, anniversary gift, Mother’s Day gift, etc. Just leave her website open on your spouse’s web browser as a hint!

Have you had someone help you with your wardrobe?

What is your favorite item in your closet?

What is on your wishlist to add to your closet?

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