Wunderlist – A Great App for List Making and Sharing

Wunderlist-app-reviewDo you need a free app that keeps all of your lists in one place?

I’m a list maker.  And I used to be a notepad and pen person before I got my iPhone.  Then I tried all sorts of apps for making lists and reminders…Reminders, Notes, Evernote, Remember the Cow, Kroger app list maker, Penultimate, sending myself emails and texts, etc.  None of them were working for me.

Do you want to share some of your lists with other people?

I needed something that also allowed me to give Andy some access without a paid subscription.  We were constantly texting or emailing things such as “I also need some eggs when you stop at Kroger” or “Hey, next time we’re at Lowe’s, let’s look for….” but that didn’t work.  You know what happened.  Yup, no eggs.  And both of us standing in Lowe’s saying, “WHAT ELSE were we going to look for??”

Then I saw someone post about Wunderlist on Instagram.

I immediately checked it out.  And it’s fabulous.  I can keep all of my lists together.  And if I need Andy to view one, I invite him.  Above you can see in the photo that next to Kroger, Costco and Lowes, there are “people” because Andy can view those on his phone as well.  So if he remembers something he needs at Lowe’s…he has the ability to add it himself.  And I see it immediately.

So far I have no complaints.  There are settings for notification options, etc.


Do you have a favorite list-making app?

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  1. I have Ziplist, but don’t like it. I’m going to try this one!! I hope it’s available for Android. 🙂 Thanks!

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