Annual Dinner That Would Kill THEIR Kids


If you’ve been around awhile…you know we have multiple friends who have to ban peanut butter and other yummy nutty goodness from their houses. Because in their households one of their children has severe nut allergies. And you know that Andy and I cannot imagine a life without peanut butter. We really feel for those parents. So each year we host “The Dinner That Would KILL Your Kids” for these couples. It’s an adult-only nut-filled extravaganza. Andy makes pad thai with a ton of chopped nuts and I serve some sort of nut-rageous dessert. Well, we had the annual event last night and it was yummy! The peanut butter cup trifle dessert was SO RICH, but everyone said it was still delicious. It was super simple and the recipe will be on the blog this week.

Do you LOVE peanut butter?

How did you spend your weekend?

(Don’t forget the Kroger Giveaway ends tomorow!)


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