Kroger Simple Truth – And a Giveaway! {Now CLOSED}


Back in January, I was invited to another blogger event at Kroger to learn more about their “newer” Simple Truth line. I say “newer” because many items have been out for awhile (remember I got some to try last year?), but lots of things have been added recently. Unfortunately I was too sick to attend the event. Fortunately, Kroger was very understanding and let another blogger friend deliver a big sample bag of Simple Truth products to my door for me to try. Along with…some gift cards! See giveaway information below.

There are definitely some Simple Truth items that have become staples in our house. Do I buy all organic? No. All natural? No. If you looked in my pantry you probably wouldn’t be able to tell how I make my food decisions. Box of Lucky Charms right next to Organic Granola cereal. Bag of Simple Truth Natural Sweet Potato Chips next to a bag of Cheetos. And I can’t really explain it. Lots of factors go into deciding what I buy…how often is it eaten? Who is eating it? Quantity? Price? What am I hungry for?!?!?!

One of my favorites in the new products is the Organic Maple and Brown Sugar oatmeal shown above. I eat oatmeal for breakfast almost all winter…topped with fresh blueberries or local raw honey. However, I am an instant kinda girl. So I was thrilled to see the new Simple Truth Organic version of the oatmeal I was buying.

Other items include all of the following. HOWEVER, I must confess I am still a Jif peanut butter mom. I just have to give a shout-out to Kroger for making an Organic Peanut Butter that is very comparable. I could barely tell the difference other than the size and price. But after being open awhile it firms up pretty good and is a bit difficult to spread.


We eat a LOT of eggs. Scrambled eggs is a favorite dinner meal at our house. So I usually buy whichever Simple Truth eggs are in stock.


We just recently fully converted to the Simple Truth milk. It started when Henry suddenly refused to drink our regular Kroger milk. Then I had a big glass of it and noticed it tasted a bit different. Then a week or so later Andy mentioned that the milk no longer tasted the same to him either. And we had been through many gallons thinking the same thing but not talking about it…something was off with the regular Kroger milk. So I bought a gallon of the Simple Truth Organic milk and it tasted so.much.better. We also tried the chocolate milk version. Charlotte and Henry loved it. Stella almost spit it out. I gave it a try and must compare it to chalk. We are sticking with regular Kroger low fat chocolate milk when we buy that treat.


We got hooked on the Honey Almond Flax Cereal from last year’s goody bag. This year? Baobab Coconut Granola. I will admit I probably never would have grabbed it off of the shelf, but now it’s a favorite. SO yummy.



The Sweet Potato chips and Natural Exotic Vegetable chips are my favorite snack. The kids don’t love them, but that just means more for me!


I’ve still got a lot of products to try and I’ll let you know what we think. For a complete list of currently available products, visit the Simple Truth Products page.

Do YOU want to try some products?

Enter to win a $30 Kroger gift card!

Leave a comment on this post answering one of the following questions and I’ll draw a winner Monday.


What is your favorite Simple Truth product?

What Simple Truth product would you like to try?

{As mentioned above, Kroger gave me products and gift cards…but, as always, all opinions are MINE!}

35 Responses to Kroger Simple Truth – And a Giveaway! {Now CLOSED}

  1. We buy the Simple Truth Organic milk and louts of other products. But my favorite snack/treat/dessert/ whatever you want to call it is the Simple Truth Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds. YUM! I have never seen those eggs before. I always buy organic/cage free eggs so I will have to try those out.

  2. We started buying organic milk and it makes me feel better knowing the kids are being pumped full of hormones. We buy simple truth veggies and meat too. I would like to try their eggs. Haven’t seen those before!

  3. We buy the eggs, toasted oat cereal, milk, penne, broth, butternut squash bisque, organic chicken, organic ground beef, spaghetti, blue chips and animal crackers!

  4. We love simple truth snack mixes. Can buy a bag of each kind we like then mix at home. This way we are not picking out what we don’t like and tossing it.

  5. I love their blueberry waffles!

    Would love to try their sweet potato chips, but think I can trust myself with a bag!

  6. We love the 1% chocolate milk (although it has been gone the last couple trips), the meat selection and the Oreo like cookies. I really have enjoyed all of the products and feel better about feeding better things to the family.

  7. My favorite is the peanut butter. I eat a peanut butter sandwich every day for lunch. I would like to try the chocolate milk, but I have hesitations about it after past experiences with organic milk. I too found it chalky.

  8. Although we have a super small Kroger in our neck of the woods, I ransack it for the organic Simple Truth items.
    The frozen blueberries are a great value. My weekly lists always includes: blue tortilla chips, old fashioned oats,
    dried cranberries, carrots, pork and pre cooked diced chicken.

  9. I would like to try the milk…. That is my next step for converting to organic! We are slowly making steps in that direction!

  10. My favorite Simple Truth item are their hot dogs! They are so good! They are very healthy, as hot dogs go, so I feel good about giving them to my child. The chicken hot dogs taste great and are only 2 weight watchers pts! I heat one up with a tortilla and a little low fat cheese for a super low fat snack. Delicious!

  11. We use simple truth soy milk because of Eli’s allergy to milk. We would love to try some of their other producats like the veggie chips. Yum.

  12. We have simple truth organic milk but no longer in the gallon jugs. My kids love the half gallon carton taste! I can’t tell the difference. I usually go through 4 to 5 a week and I get their chocolate milk about once a month as a treat, Charlie’s favorite!!

  13. We love all Simple Truth products but especially love the organic milk and cereal! It’s affordable and I feel good knowing my family is eating healthy.

  14. I think you could do my grocery shopping! I like their milk, eggs, lettuce, and agree about the peanut butter. I would like to try their snack items. I have always felt like that wasn’t a place to go store brand, but maybe I should try it.

  15. I’m a huge fan of Simple Truth Meatless Crumbles. Would love to try the baobab coconut cereal – always looking for new cereals to taste!

  16. We have really tried using more organic foods and the Simple Truth line is one of our favorites. We like the Simple Truth honey and granola cereals. Would like try the Simple Truth meat and dairy products.

  17. I’m so glad I finally sat down to read this post! We’ve been trying to make some healthier changes to what we eat around here and I love to read reviews first. I’m not sure I would have thought of the veggie chips or honey almond flax cereal on my own effort. I’ll be looking on one if my dozen trips to Kroger soon.

  18. We buy Simple Truth milk, oatmeal, eggs, meat, beans, bread, peanut butter, etc. I try to put the healthiest things I can on the table without depriving the kids of the full kid experience:-).

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