Happy Birthday to Me!

Well…last year I gave you 38 Random Things About Me. So…here are 39 more. If I accidentally repeat something from last year, don’t tell me. It will drive me bananas.


  1. I’ve never tasted Nutella. Ever.
  2. I don’t untie my running nor my workout shoes.
  3. I’ve only turned on our grill once. I grilled hot dogs. It was an awful experience. That was the end of my grilling career. It is now back to being 100% Andy’s job.
  4. I forgot to print Stella’s kindergarten report card. Every time it was posted that year. So I have no record of her kindergarten accomplishments. HA!
  5. I always remove book jackets when I read a book.
  6. I prefer to not have ice in my water. I’d rather drink bottled water at room temperature.
  7. I have zero coordination and rhythm but LOVE going to Zumba.
  8. I overuse !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I’ve been using the same lipstick color since the day I got married. Clinique Bamboo Pink.
  10. I drink Big Train Vanilla Chai Tea every morning. Unless I splurge on Starbucks.
  11. My little brother was the best sex ed lesson ever. I was 16 when my mom brought him home from the hospital.
  12. I never eat the green Tums.
  13. I love to grow tomatoes and herbs on my deck in the summer. Mainly mint and basil. For summer cocktails, of course!
  14. I can’t stand to wear a shirt “out of season”. Reds shirts only during baseball season and Bengals not until the fall.
  15. I kept church festivals a hidden secret from my children until last summer. A neighbor blew it for me. Festivals with kids are my personal hell.
  16. I still never make my bed.
  17. In my car CD player right now is Taylor Swift, Over the Rhine, and Zac Brown Band.
  18. I used to LOVE country music, got tired of it, and am starting to come back around to it again.
  19. I ran for Student Government in high school every year. And lost every year. I always got voted in as a Member at Large. Which basically translated to “sorry-you-didn’t-win-the-popularity-contest-but-we-need-people-like-you-to-get-shit-done.”
  20. On the DVR right now? Nurse Jackie, Mr. Selfridge, Call the Midwife, the Newsroom, and So You Think You Can Dance. I am way behind on some.
  21. I do indeed have a favorite kid. Just depends on the day of the week. And the time of day.
  22. I’ve never been to a Cincinnati Bengals game. But I have been to a Seahawks game.
  23. I loathe game night, trivia night, etc. The only game I’ve ever enjoyed in a group setting was Cards Against Humanity. And it was still stressful to me!
  24. I can’t stand the Muppets.
  25. My pizza order is pepperoni, mushroom and pineapple. Unless it’s May. Then it’s a Dewey’s Tito Santana.
  26. I LOVE to drive. I’ll rarely turn down a road trip. I’ve driven by myself with 2 kids to Florida.
  27. I’m not great about rewards/chore charts with my kids. We finally have one figured out and it’s still hit or miss.
  28. I love pink, purple and yellow flowers. I’m not a big fan of the color red in general.
  29. I am known to secretly take notes about people in my iPhone contacts – even while they are talking to me. Someone mentions that they LOVE Swedish fish…I’ll “remember” forever. So if you need a gift for a mutual acquaintance, just ask.
  30. My teaching license expired in 2008. I have no desire to get it back.
  31. I’ve been a stay-at-home mom since January 2013. I have no desire to return to work.
  32. I do wish I could blog every day. I love it. I love sharing information and stories.
  33. My favorite donut is a boston creme donut followed by an original glazed.
  34. I just ordered the “Anne of Green Gables” DVD for Stella. When in reality, I can’t wait to watch it without the interruption of PBS pledge people.
  35. If I could focus on “lessons” for myself, I would immediately take up piano again and a real photography class.
  36. I deleted Facebook from my phone and actually don’t miss it. I do use the new app Facebook Groups. But it still cut my Facebook time down a bunch.
  37. I always dreamed of having 4 kids. FOUR. It took us two years longer than expected to have Stella and after Charlotte and Henry, I was finished. I love them dearly, but three kids is work. Three is our happy spot. And considering Andy wanted two…I still won.
  38. I can never leave the house without forgetting at least one thing. The kids and Andy joke because he stops in the driveway multiple times to make sure I don’t have to run back into the house for one. more. thing.
  39. I can function on less sleep than most people. I am a night owl and an early bird.

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