Dear Santa 2014


If you’ve been a Take 10 reader for awhile, you know all about St. Nick and my very selfish reasons for keeping this tradition going. If you are new check out a previous post a couple years ago about St. Nick and why I LOVE him so much. Plus it will link you to some very nice free printable Santa stationary for the jolly man to leave your kid(s) a letter this season.

This year the kids thought it was fine to just leave circled Walmart ads in their stockings for St. Nick. I told them it takes a little more effort than that. But apparently efficiency still took over. No cute letter like last year with drawings included. Nope. Just a list.


Stella didn’t even write her name! She says she is not finished and will add more tonight. However, I wonder if “add more” means toys instead of a nice drawing. Charlotte at least tried to include a little note at the bottom.


But she also has high expectations. I found this circled on the last page of her Walmart toy book…which could possibly make her the smartest kid ever.


Henry already “lost” his letter. So it might just be the toy book in his stocking tonight.

Does St. Nick come to your house?

What does he fill? Shoes? Stockings?

What does he leave?

Are stockings empty or full Christmas morning?

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