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At our house St. Nick fills our stockings the night of December 5th.  Google “St. Nick” if you’ve never heard of this tradition.  I’ve narrowed it down to a German/Catholic thing.  We also tell our kids that St. Nick is one of Santa Claus’ helpers.  We actually leave the kids’ Christmas wish list out for St. Nick to deliver back to Santa Claus.
Totally selfish on my part.
Because I want final wish-list-choices to be made in early December.  No last minute changes on what-I-really-want-Santa-Claus-to-bring.  We make sure the kids list 5-6 items and remind them that Santa only brings one gift each in our house, so not all items are guaranteed.
This year, behavior has been a little up and down lately.  Henry is currently the repeat biter at school, Stella is impatient and whiny, and Charlotte…well, Charlotte is Charlotte.  She even told us that her stocking was going to be empty because she wasn’t nice lately.


So we also had St. Nick deliver some letters from Santa Claus (not a norm for us).  Instead of reprimanding each kid for their misbehaviors, Santa made a list for each kid of all of the good behaviors he enjoys watching.  We went for the positive reinforcement angle.


I’m happy to report that they started fighting over the St. Nick gifts 15 minutes after opening stockings instead of immediately.  That’s progress, right?
Oh, and Christmas morning?  Stockings are empty.  They only get filled once each season!
Kim at seven thirty three created the awesome Santa Claus stationary that I used.  She has it as a free download on her website.  Download the PDF, save it and then type your letter right on it.  Or have Santa leave a handwritten “thanks” for your cookies this year!



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  1. I have enjoyed trying to find new ways to make my children’s Christmas different each year. We have a tradition that started when my 4 yr old was almost 2. She loved our christmas tree so much that she would cry so loud and throw a fit, that we had to took it down while she was asleep. When she woke up she cried for 2 hours because the tree was gone. So we come up with the elves took the tree to the north pole to store it and would bring it back after thanksgiving. This tradition has worked so well with the girls. We have a elf named Jane that brings the tree back, not the creepy elf on the shelf either. She is lovable. But she brings it back after thanksgiving while they are asleep and leaves the christmas lists with the tree in christmas mailbox, and they have to be sent back ASAP. So Santa has time to make sure they get at least one thing on their list. We dont let santa big the biggest spender in the household either, those gifts come from us. But i wanted to share our little tradition. After the new year Jane the elf takes the tree back to the north pole until next year, until they run out of room for all the trees.

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