Potty Training Update and Now He Has Stitches


We started over in the potty training department with Henry yesterday.  We officially got started around 10:00 AM once Stella and Charlotte were out of the house.  Henry and I stayed in the kitchen (on the tile floor) for about 3-4 hours.  Only one accident at the very beginning.  Then he told me when he had to go the bathroom.  Every time.  Around 1:30 he was antsy.  And so it started, “Can we puh-lease run an errand?”  Ha!  Even my kids aren’t homebodies.  I apparently wasn’t entertaining enough.  So it got to be a LONG afternoon.  Again, with no accidents.  I was SHOCKED.

Around 4:00 he convinced me to let him play outside.  He promised to pay attention and tell me when he “had to go potty”.  And he desperately wanted to hit with his new metal bat on his brand new big-boy tee that Andy put together the night before.  Now, a metal bat is not my recommendation for a 3-year old.  We normally use a plastic one…but it’s PINK.  And he no longer wanted pink.  He got the new big-boy bat for his birthday and he was actually really good hitting with it.  And I was going to get a new plastic one at Target, but hadn’t yet.  So my current rule was that an adult had to use the metal bat with him.  But the adult (ME) walked into the house to put something on the counter and go right back outside yesterday afternoon.  But as I turned right around and before I made it back to the door to return outside the screaming started.  Henry walked into someone swinging the bat.

So the chaos of potty training and upcoming witching hour turned into the chaos of Henry bleeding from head and nose – soaking his shirt, shorts and legs.  Panic.  I determined he was not “out of it” but most likely needed stitches in the gash on his head once I got him cleaned up enough to see where he was indeed bleeding.  Long story short…accidents happen and don’t be home alone without a vehicle = logistical NIGHTMARE.  It all worked out fine for me.  Thankfully.

5 hours later (very busy ER) he did NOT have a potty accident (although he did throw up all over himself in the car) and he did indeed get 4-6 stitches and some durmabond glue.  (Many thanks to Andy for taking that shift while I covered bus stop, dinner, soccer, baths, bedtime, etc.)  Because of the glue, we can’t use bandages which 1) makes for awesome photos and 2) makes me nervous about him reopening it.

And what did he want to do today?  PLAY BASEBALL.  No way.  Instead we went and got a new bat.  It’s soft and squishy.  He is thrilled.  And immediately asked to go to the doctor – to get the stitches out.  So he can play ball.  For the love of the game!!


What accidents have occurred with your kids?

Were stitches required?

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