Henry at the Baseball Field


Have I mentioned that Henry LOVES baseball?  Love probably isn’t even the right word.  Obsessed with, adores, lives for…you get the picture.  So, of course, we had cupcakes topped with baseballs at the pool (did you see the photo on Instagram or FB?) and he asked for a baseball cake.  Thank you Costco!

My dad gave Henry some more plastic baseballs and a large gift that looked like a roll of wrapping paper.  Henry quickly said, “I hope that’s what I think it is!”  Smart cookie.  He knew it was a bat before he even opened it.  My dad also gave him a brand new hitting tee…to replace the pink one he’s been using from the girls.  The bat is a little way too big for him, but he’ll definitely grow into it.

On our way home from the family gathering I told Andy that we’ll have to find a baseball field soon because that’s all Henry asks to do…go to the field and hit the ball.  Our backyard is apparently NOT sufficient.  We both remembered that Keehner Park has a couple of fields that are often open.

Fast forward to yesterday.  After picking up Charlotte and Henry at school I suggested we run home, change clothes, grab waters and head to the baseball field.  The kids were thrilled.

Fast forward more to us getting ready at home.  Henry, oh Henry.  He’s running around the house screaming, “Let’s go!  We have to go to Weiner field so I can hit my balls.”  And as he’s getting more and more impatient, he gets louder and LOUDER.  “I WANT TO GO TO WEINER FIELD!!!!”

Huh?  “Weiner” field?  I’m confused.  I kept asking him what he meant, but all he replied was “I WANT TO HIT MY BALLS WITH THE NEW HARD BAT!!!”

Then…the lightbulb!!  “Weiner” = “Keehner”.  Duh.  He had been listening to me and Andy in the car!  Ha.

So off to Weiner Field we went and took turn hitting balls for an hour.  He can hit and he can catch but he totally does not understand that you don’t run after your own ball.  He was NOT a fan of running the bases!


And he did very well with that way-to0-big bat.  It was a bit heavy for him and did send him flying in the dirt after a few swings.

Charlotte also held her own and did much better than I thought she would!


Do your kids like baseball?


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