Valentine’s Decor Part 2: The Foyer Bathroom

A couple of days ago I shared with you the Valentine’s decor I added to our family room hutch HERE.  And I warned you of more decor involving a toilet.  Well, only because you can see the foyer bathroom toilet in the photos.  I like to add a little decor in there depending on the season.

I think I also mentioned that I’m slightly obsessed with printables.  Eighteen25 has some FABULOUS free printables and they are even kind enough to tell you exactly how to print them at Costco.  So that’s where the framing idea came from:

And then I happened to be on the blog Crafting and Creativity and noticed she made a heart out of buttons (and she used the same printable!).  I have tons of buttons.  And this looked simple.  HA!  This was one of the most difficult things for a perfectionist to accomplish.  A heart shape is not as easy at it looks.  The more I messed with it, the more it looked like an amoeba and less like a heart.  I am so, so, so glad I took her suggestion of using fabric instead of paper.  Pulling off and re-gluing wasn’t so bad.  I’m guessing it might have been easier had I not decided to do this project around 12:30 AM.  But I was on a roll.  At least I might not have glued my fingers together so much.


So there it is, the Foyer Bathroom holiday decor.  Andy never said a word.  I finally asked if he noticed.  He said, “Yes, but I was afraid we had that stuff last year.  I wasn’t sure if it was new or not.”  You may be thinking, MEN!  I’m thinking…I’m so glad you don’t even know if I bring new stuff into the house!  Exactly why my Target problem was never an Andy problem.  ha.

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