Valentine’s Decor Part 1: The LOVE Hutch

Here is our seasonal hutch all decked-out in LOVE for Valentine’s Day.



I am suddenly slightly completely obsessed with free printables.  I downloaded two for this project, printed them at Costco and framed them.  This photo collage of the girls from a few years ago is an absolute favorite of mine.  I loved taking these pictures of them in their Valentine dresses.



I decided to gather up some of our “couples” photos and display them on one shelf with the other printable.  Stella commented, “That’s when you were a princess and got married and kissed daddy on the LIPS.”  Yeppers.



And I took the ornaments out of these and added candles and candy hearts – two separate sizes of candy.  The candles are actually the same size.  I put one on top of an upside-down small 1-cup tupperware container to give it some extra height in the larger glass.  In the smaller glass, I actually had to scrape a bit a huge chunk of the candle off around the bottom to make it narrow enough to fit the candy down there.



On the top shelf I put a collage from when Stella was a baby.  I found that cute little owl over the weekend at Kohl’s for less than $5.  Andy asked, “What’s an owl got to do with V-Day?  Isn’t that Halloween?”  And I replied, “But WHOOOOOOOOOOO loves you baby?”  And he eye-rolled.  But then I had a large gaping hole at the top.  I had an extra 8 x 10 frame available and the crafting began.  Lots of red paint and wasted baby wipes later…and voila!  Handprint hearts from my three little loves.



Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day?

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10 Responses to Valentine’s Decor Part 1: The LOVE Hutch

  1. Adorable!!! the hutch looks great. I’m loving the candle holders and the little Valentine’s owl. Nicely done! You’ve actually inspired me to want to decorate for Valentine’s Day this year. Maybe I’ll get off my tail and actually do it!

  2. Lovely, lovely! I’m going to try those handprint hearts for our change-with-the-seasons kids’ craft frames. I had not thought of printing printables at Costco. You’re a genius. I wonder how large you can print them and still get good quality?

  3. Love the owl. He definitely adds a little something-something to the already wonderful display. Makes me wonder if we’ll have candy heart this year since we’re in Romania … Whoooooo knows? =>

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