Matt the Miller’s Restaurant

Suddenly everyone is talking about Matt the Miller’s Tavern and for good reason. I’ve had the chance to meet a friend there for lunch and then return with Andy, his parents and the kids. Both experiences were fantastic and the food was very yummy. We currently have two locations in the Cincinnati area. If you haven’t been yet, check it out.

Why Eat at Matt the Miller’s?

There are 5 main reasons I loved this restaurant and wanted to return immediately.

  1. Reservations – Not sure if they all do, but the one closest to my house is on OpenTable and takes reservations. Major score when you are planning a weekend dinner experience for 7.
  2. Drinks – Matt the Miller’s has a huge selection of cocktails, wine, and beer…even the craft variety. Check out that Ladies’ Night special currently offered at my location.
  3. Kids’ Menu – The kids under 13 have not just one, but TWO menus. There is a Little Kids’ menu and a Big Kids’ menu. This provides more options and differing proportions.
  4. Crab Rangoon Flatbread – Who doesn’t love a combo? Part of the menu has a “select two” option where you choose two of the following: salad, soup, and 1/2 sandwich/flatbread pizza. Trust me on the Crab Rangoon.
  5. Bavarian Pretzel Bites – Need I say more? Do you have your reservation yet?

Where to eat next?

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