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Awhile ago I wrote about our Chore Chart that I still love. I recently discovered that the Etsy shop that has the chore magnets also has a wonderful template for making your own Handprint Calendar on her separate Handprint Love website. There is a regular calendar template and an animal calendar template. I was sent the regular one for my kids to create calendars for holiday gifts. All you need are a few items – card stock white paper, a color printer, and kids’ paint safe for hands and feet. AND a kid with hands small enough to make the artwork. Charlotte (almost 9-years old) was still able to do a few of them. Henry (7-years old) had no problem with his hands fitting in the designated spots. To purchase the template, go to Google and search for “handprint love capturing a world of wonder” to find her Handprint Love website.

We spent about an hour this morning working on our handprints. The nice thing about this set is that it comes with visual ideas for each month. And very detailed directions on how to print the calendar properly and prepare it for hanging whether you bind it somewhere or just use a hole-punch and string. The kids had a lot of fun creating their months. The even better thing about the calendar is you don’t have to really do paint handprints on every month. You absolutely can! However, my kids want me to trace their hands for the November turkey instead so that they can color and decorate a scene for that month. So if you are thinking…”there’s no way I’m working through that for a 12-month calendar”…you don’t have to! No matter what artwork your kids create on the pages, it’s a beautiful template and simple to print.

We are letting our paint creations we completed today dry this afternoon. Some of them need extra work once dry – Charlotte’s July flag needs outlined to see the white stripes and she will add white stars, etc.The kids plan to finish the rest of the artwork during this upcoming week and then I’ll take the calendars and have someone bind them for me just in time for the holidays.

Want a discount? For a 50% off coupon on Handprint Love website (not Etsy) use coupon code TAKE50WITHTRICIA

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