Backyard Basketball Addition

This kid loves sports. Baseball, basketball, and soccer are favorites. Most of you know he even has a sports nickname, Hank. So it was no surprise that Hank wanted a bigger basketball hoop. Unfortunately, our driveway was not an option. It’s steep. Our cul-de-sac used to have an awesome hoop, but that’s a story for another day which ended with the Township asking for its removal. Boo. Therefore, we researched a backyard concrete pad. Andy wasn’t 100% convinced. Until he was home a few days in a row and Hank played basketball on an indoor hoop for HOURS in our upstairs hallway. “That kid needs a hoop!” And so it happened late this summer.

But afterwards? Afterwards Facebook got the better of me. See, some friends knew we got a hoop and then they saw the following post from Sport Court Cincinnati.

And Sport Court Cincinnati/GameChanger Athletics contacted me via a private message. Did I want a quote on the Xavier “X”? Well, duh. We chatted back and forth, they visited, and we were sold. We scheduled the job and once the day came they completed it in one afternoon.

To say the kids are happy with the “X” is an understatement.

We are really happy with the way GameChanger Athletics painted our concrete. They were super easy to work with and the guys were great. As I must disclose, I was given a discount in exchange for some advertising here. However, all opinions are always my own and I would recommend them for your next project. They can do so much more with outdoor courts. We happened to already have our concrete poured and basketball hoop installed by the time we crossed paths. However, be sure to look into both Sport Court Cincinnati on Facebook and GameChanger Athletics, LLC on the internet. They have a ton of pictures highlighting the projects they have completed indoors and outside – basketball courts, tennis courts, batting cages, bleachers, soccer, lighting, fences, etc.

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