Hamilton – We Can’t Get Enough

I picked up Charlotte and a friend after school today and they got into the van. I started the van. Hamilton blared through the speakers. Charlotte and her friend screamed, “Hamilton! YES! Hamilton!!!!” Then they each requested their favorite songs. And the van was filled with smiles and a sing-along the whole way home.

What? That’s not happening in your vehicle???

I’m not even 100% sure how it started. All I know is that there was a time we didn’t even know about the show Hamilton. And now it’s all we listen to. In the house. In the car. In our heads. I partly blame my neighbor who made me listen to the music on a 3 hour road trip. At first I was a little pissed. I felt like I was cheating on Broadway. Why would I listen to the music BEFORE seeing the show? But then I listened. And it was fast and confusing. But FANTASTIC. And I couldn’t stop listening.

The kids even started to memorize the lyrics. There are some lyrics I hope they never figure out until they are older. Much older.

If I didn’t have a family and responsibilities, I’d totally take a few days off and head to New York or Chicago to see the show. Stella begs to go to Chicago constantly. Charlotte says she’s using her allowance “Save” jar to save for Hamilton tickets. We are just not satisfied by the snippets shown on the PBS special. We WANT to see Hamilton. Andy and Henry tolerate us. Andy actually enjoys listening to it, just not 24/7. And Henry used to sing along, but now kind of sighs and says, “Again?” when he gets in the van. We might have overdone it. We might be a bit obsessed.

And then I realized…we play a lot of the first tracks over and over and over again. The girls love the beginning. “The Schuyler Sisters” is most requested. Track 41? Not so much. And then friends said, “YOU ARE MISSING OUT! Focus on Disc 2.” And so I did. And now the obsession is all over again. But focused on the last 6-8 songs. Over and over and over again. And the tears. I want to cry every time I hear “It’s Quiet Uptown”. My heart aches.

So, someday…hopefully someday in the not distant future, we will see Hamilton. And I do think I will love it even more because I know the songs. I know the story.

What’s your favorite musical?

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