Books: Matched and The Selection

Sometimes I DON’T want to read a really good or really deep book. Sometimes I just need an easy read. Not a bad read. But an easy and entertaining read. I really enjoyed both the Hunger Games and the Divergent series. Therefore, when someone suggested the Matched series and the Selection series, I looked into them. Are they best sellers…um, no. Are they fast to consume? Yes. Do they keep you wanting to know what happens next? Yes.

Matched sucked me in during the first book. It has the typical plot – Us vs Society + Love Triangle + Breaking Free. Books 2 and 3 got worse in my opinion…as they usually do. However, I was invested enough in the lives of the characters and knew it ended at book 3, so I kept going. It wasn’t awful, just typical. Book 3 had a lot of science in it – virus, vaccine, plants, blah blah blah. I’d still recommend it for when you are exhausted from a really good, really deep book and just need a fun break.

Similar situation with The Selection. It can easily be described as The Bachelor + Hunger Games – Killing Each Other (because I don’t really remember death being a big part of it). The first three books were entertaining. Then I stopped. I couldn’t even get through chapter 1 of the fourth book. It had gone too far. But again, I’d recommend the first three for the same reason as above – entertainment.

What is your favorite easy-read Young Adult book or series?

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