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Have you read this yet? YES, it is worth all of the hype on all of the book blogs and Facebook posts and wherever you see it mentioned. Go get it. Right now. Buy it however you prefer books. And, YES, this one is worth buying or begging your neighbor to borrow her copy. I’m sure the library waiting list is just. too. long. And you need to read it sooner than that. Like now.

This is one of those large, heavy, smaller print books that is beautifully written and told through the point of view of three very different characters. The story is long enough that it should take you weeks to complete, but you’ll finish it in days. It sucks you in immediately and makes you quickly forget about your responsibilities. So make sure you have stocked your fridge full of food, you have bathed your children, and you have finished the laundry before you start this one.

It also sticks with you. I finished it last week and have thought about it every day. Every day. It’s a topic that needs discussion every day.

So, what are you waiting for? Go. Procure. Read.

What good book are you reading?

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