Henry’s Ear Tube Removal


When you are small and get ear tubes, I always heard there are two types of patients…those that can’t seem to keep them in resulting in numerous tubes and those that can’t seem to have them both fall out. Well, Henry had an ear tube that did not want to come out on its own. And unfortunately, it started causing more harm than good. It liked Henry’s ear so much it started “hugging” his eardrum and put a tiny hole in it. The ear tube had been in for about 4 years, so it had definitely performed its job and needed to come back out.

Today we went up to Children’s Hospital and had it removed and his eardrum patched. For as much as he’s becoming a big kid, he was definitely my little buddy today holding tight to “bear-bear” and “taggy-blankie”. He was so calm and patient. The surgeon was about an hour behind schedule and Henry watched cartoons, colored and played trains. The hospital staff is just amazing. We are so fortunate to have Children’s so close.

Henry was so excited about the “spaceship mask” that he got to bring it home to take to school for show-and-share. His own surgery souvenir.


And a big thanks to my dad. Andy ended up being out of town today and momma doesn’t do anesthesia. So Papa Kenny stayed with Henry for the spaceship mask while mommy “had to go potty” – didn’t phase Henry a bit. And if you ever don’t want to see your kid put to sleep – the nurses and staff are totally understanding. Don’t feel bad, just do what’s right for you. For me, that is a smiling mommy before and after and not a crying mommy. Learned that lesson the first time Stella was put under. That’s when Andy vowed to handle it in the future if necessary! Parenting is definitely a balance.


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  1. Glad all went well! What s trooper. And I agree, I watched Cooper “fall asleep” once for his ear tube surgery and it was the worst!

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