Heated Mattress Pad


Seriously…how have I lived without this thing? Suddenly “everyone” had one and I kept hearing about how warm their bed was over and over and over. I didn’t think Andy would allow it in the house. But then I discovered it’s DUAL controlled! He never has to turn on his side. When I told him that…he reconsidered. I think he had other motives considering I wear 42 layers of clothes to bed every single night of the year.

I RAN to Costco and set it all up by myself while he was out of town. And now my almost-favorite part of the day is seeing “PH” (preheat) when I turn it on as I’m putting the kids to bed. My favorite-favorite part of the day is climbing into a WARM bed. I can stretch out my legs and even my toes feel warmth. And as soon as I climb in…I turn it off. That’s all it takes. This particular one has settings from 1-20. I prefer an 8. Andy will never admit it…but he has yet to complain when I preheat his side of the bed to a 4. It will automatically switch off after 10-hours, but you will also most likely wake up sweating before that if you leave it on! Trust me…

Do you have a heated blanked or mattress pad?

{This was NOT a sponsored post. Sunbeam was involved. All opinions are my own!}

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