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I am not the type of person to return time after time to the same restaurant every occasion we go out to eat. I LOVE to try new places. So, if you are like me, here are some places we enjoyed so much…that we just might return soon. This is just a quick post of what we liked about numerous places. If you want full details on any of the ones listed…you’re going to have to Google it yourself!

Pontiac – OTR

YUM! We recently stopped in here to kill some time during our “going to be about 3 hours” wait for Bakersfield. More on that ridiculousness in a minute. Anyway, we grabbed some drinks and appetizers and called it a success. The fried pickles and brisket nachos were perfect. The beer selection was long. The lighting was a bit odd inside, but other than that, we will definitely return.

Django Taco – Northside

Taco and margarita perfection. That’s really all I need to say. I am afraid to tell anyone about this place now because Bakersfield gets all the hype and Django is rarely too crowded. We went to Bakersfield a few years back, but have frequented Django about 4 times since then (we must REALLY like it for that type of repetition). We decided to head back and try Bakersfield again this past weekend. Biggest disappointment ever. The wait was long – we did get in before the 3-hour mark and we did have a larger crowd. But then the music was so loud and the room so dark, we couldn’t even talk to the person next to us without screaming and squinting. (Yes, I’m soon to be 40 and sound like a boring old lady.) The margaritas at Bakersfield were yummy, but the taco was so-so this time. So skip Bakersfield and do yourself a favor by checking out Django. I don’t think you will regret it. BUT it’s like PFChangs. Choose your clothes wisely…your winter coat will smell like tacos for days because it has an open kitchen. So leave it in the car! Cincysavers also has discounts often for Django.


Bella Vino – West Chester

This is a great place to grab a glass of wine (or 2-3) with friends along with an appetizer or dinner. Just last night I stopped there with some moms after Curriculum Night at school. We split a bottle of wine and the bavarian pretzels and brie appetizers. It was perfect. I also love that they partner with community organizations (like Warm Welcomes!) to use their location to host fundraiser events.

Prime 47 – Downtown

I saw Prime 47 on the Cincinnati Special Reserve website. It’s a great website/email for multi-course dinners at a discount. AND you can usually use two certificates at a table. So we convince another couple to buy the deal and the four of us try a new place every couple of months. Prime 47 was yummy, but still pricey. However, it’s right next to the Aronoff  Center. So the next time we are downtown for a show, Prime 47 will be the place I choose for cocktails and appetizers. They were definitely worth coming back for and the bar area was spacious. I prefer sweeter cocktails and the French 47 and Mandarin Pamartini were my favorites along with the best crab cake I’ve ever had. I just purchased the next certificate for BrewRiver GastroPub. I’ll let you know how that is as well.


Troy’s Cafe – Mason and West Chester

Troy’s is a fun place for a moms lunch or a dinner date. I love their fish tacos and the burgers. The Mason location has a drive-thru which can be super helpful with a van-load of children. Their kids menu is cheap for what you get. We’ve had burger boxes on the soccer and softball fields quite a few times!

Moerlein Lager House – Downtown

Moerlein remains my go-to restaurant for entertaining large groups and/or out-of-towners. I love Moerlein for its ease of parking, access to Smale Park and the Carousel, views of the river, variety in the menu and ability to make a reservation for a large group.

Cozy’s Cottage – West Chester

Of course, you can read my entire review of Cozy’s brunch in one of my earlier blog posts. However, I did just return for dinner with some neighborhood moms. My review stands that the food is delicious and the atmosphere quaint. We sat on the patio on a nice summer evening. This will be another spot I definitely frequent.


The Works Pizza – Loveland

The works is another great place for a larger crowd. Call ahead and ask for the train car. A great menu and lots for the kids to enjoy as well. Plus who can’t resist visiting the Loveland Candy Shop just around the corner?

Have you been to any of these places?

Where should I eat next?




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