The Love and Hate of Technology


I definitely have a love-hate relationship with technology. I truly DREAD the day I lose all control of my kids’ access to social media. I see friends and relatives and acquaintances post stupid and bad judgment types of things and it makes me cringe. I’ve worded something a time or two (who am I kidding? most likely more than that!) that was misread/misinterpreted/etc. Social media can definitely be used in a negative way. Texts can be read in a different tone. Personal communication is often lost. My kids beg over and over for more screen time. Some days I just want to chuck the kids’ old iPhone 4S with games on it out the window.

But then…then this photo happens. Andy can be away for business for a week and although it’s not exactly the same, the kids can still stay connected. Every day. And even FaceTime him. Who would have thought this technology would ever be available when I was growing up? It’s so crazy to comprehend. So that’s when I LOVE technology. How awesome is it that my kids can “tour” daddy’s hotel room? There are many cute commercials that show parents using FaceTime for homework or bedtime stories. Um, no. That’s not happening here…yet. However, they can still see each other and talk about their days. My kids don’t know how lucky they have it. So this is really a “journaling” type of blog post, a post for my kids to see that although daddy may have traveled a bit for his job while they grew up…he was always connected.

Why do you love or hate technology?

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