Dear Summer Break…I’m not ready for you to end


Some of you have asked if I stopped blogging…um, not really. Summer just sucks me in. Time flies when you are having fun. That’s for sure. Where did the summer go? HOW is it already August? My kids return to school soon and I am not ready. We have definitely had a fantastic summer. Better than I ever expected. It is filled with so many great memories already:

  • Swim Team
  • Taylor Swift concert
  • T-ball and Softball
  • Touch-a-Truck
  • Florida – visiting relatives and then heading to Sanibel
  • Seeing Mermaids at our pool
  • Birthday parties
  • Reds baseball games
  • OTR Walking tour
  • Date Nights
  • Wedding crashing
  • Neighborhood Late Nights
  • Zak Morgan concert
  • Pony Camp
  • Summer Bucket List Adventures
  • Lego Americana Tour
  • Horse Camp
  • Book Club

Ok, so we’ve accomplished a TON of fun things this summer. Both as a family and as a couple. But I LOVE summer and am very sad to see teacher friends getting their classrooms ready, the upstart of PTA/PTO/school newsletters and bulletins, and kids heading back to school soon. So for the next 7 weekdays I’ll enjoy sleeping in, being poolside, having play dates, and staying up too late. Because the days are numbered…

What fun thing did you do this summer?

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  1. I couldn’t agree more!! School is meant to be from Labor Day to Memorial Day. This early August nonsense stinks!

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