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During the cold winter months (which are NOT seeming to end here) there is nothing quite like warming up with a delicious bowl of steaming, made-from-scratch soup. Did you know that Izzy’s soups are all made in-house, from scratch, and are served up fresh daily? I didn’t either! Soup comes with a slice of bread on the side or as an accompaniment to your favorite sandwich or wrap. Izzy’s famous soups – including local favorites Sweet and Sour Cabbage Soup and the much loved Matzo Ball Soup (available Friday’s only) — are just what you need when you are craving homemade soup without the cleanup.


Here are descriptions for the FOUR soups served on a daily basis, all made-from-scratch:

  • Chicken Noodle – All white meat diced chicken breast and fresh vegetable in a deliciously seasoned chicken broth with bow tie noodles.
  • Broccoli Cheddar – Chopped broccoli, shredded carrots and a blend of seasonings served in a creamy cheese sauce.
  • Beef Barley – Plump pearl barley, fresh vegetable and chucks of beef cubes, simmered in a seasoned beef broth
  • Sweet-n-Sour Cabbage – Chopped cabbage and chunks of lean beef cubes simmered with select seasonings in beef broth.

Matzo Ball Soup is served Friday only and is one of the most popular soups served. So, of course, I had to go on a Friday. Because, well…I’d never had Matzo Ball Soup! I honestly wasn’t even sure what it was. And then once I read the soup choices again…I just couldn’t decide. So I asked the waitress to just bring all of them. Yes, all of them. And I am so glad I did. Although Andy and the girls did sigh a bit. I think Charlotte even exclaimed with large eyes, “MOM! You are going to eat ALL of them for Take 10?!?” She giggled and giggled at the thought. I ate the Matzo Ball Soup at the restaurant and tasted the other four. Then I took the rest home to enjoy for lunch the next two days.


I’m not going to lie. I liked all of the soups. They were so good and fresh. Even the cabbage one. It tasted way better than I expected. Just thinking about all of them again is making my mouth water. If you haven’t been to Izzy’s for soup…you are missing out! Try one the next time you are there.


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{Disclaimer: I was given my own gift certificate to help promote Izzy’s delicious soups and Izzy’s is also providing the gift card for the giveaway! All opinions are my own.}


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  1. I can’t decide….beef barley? No wait cabbage….uh no Matzo ball. …I’ll probably just do what you did 😉

  2. I’ll be in town for spring break in a few weeks (fingers crossed there will be spring weather), and I would love to try the Sweet and Sour Cabbage Soup. Sounds so, so good to me!

  3. I am like you and have no idea what Matzo Ball soup is. I must go on Friday and try it though. They all really do sound good. I’m a sucker for Broccolli Cheddar, so I’m sure that will be second.

  4. I’ve never ordered soup there! how could I when a delicious Rueban and potato pancake were staring me in the face??? BUT I would love to try the matzo ball soup even though Broccoli Cheddar is my all time favorite soup 🙂

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