The Wet Brush


This brush is AMAZING. Life changing. If…you have girls in the house.

Recently I was at the salon and asked about a brush that would not cause my girls to scream every morning and evening. I was ready to pay ANYTHING to make hair brushing better at our house. All of the ladies said I had to get a Wet Brush and I did indeed purchase ONE right there on-the-spot at the salon.

And then I was on Facebook a day or so later. This was after I was already in love with the brush and ready to go back to the salon and buy more. My neighbor posted that she loved this brush and someone else commented that it could easily be found at Target with all the other brushes. Someone else immediately ordered it on Amazon. The word was out.

I looked around during my errands that week and did find it at Target…a “normal” one, a Hipster decorative one, a travel-size one, and a paddle brush version. (I may or may not have bought multiple ones to scatter around the house, in the pool bag, etc.) I did not see them at Walmart nor Meijer. There are many on Amazon if you can’t go into Target for one $10 item without coming out with a $110 receipt.

Seriously, if you are struggling to brush hair without tears (kids or your own), get this brush. It works well on wet or dry hair due to its “intelliflex bristles”. I don’t care what they call them…I call them hair happiness. Their website also has tons of options, colors, a brush cleaner, a brush for babies, a brush for men, etc. Check it out!

What accessories can you not live without?

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