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Well, hello there. I’m still here. I haven’t forgotten about my blog. Not really. Although I had to LAUGH OUT LOUD because apparently LinkedIn sent a notification out to anyone I’m connected to stating “CONGRATULATE TRICIA! She’s been at Take 10 for 4 years.” And so I started getting all of these “Way to go!”, “Congrats!”, “Can’t believe it’s been that long!” and “Keep it up!” messages and I had NO CLUE why they were coming to my email box. My husband finally said something to me about it and then I understood. And remembered. Oh yes, I do have a blog. That I have been very much neglecting. Because when I get out of routine…and skip a post here and there…and weeks go by…well, it just gets easier to put it on the back burner. Other things are much higher priority lately.

So, I’m going to say I’m back. I have lists and lists of topics to discuss, recipes to posts, and items to give away. But first I have to know, is anybody still out there? Hello?!?! What have you been up to this past month? We’ve been extremely busy (who hasn’t?). I survived the holidays and have jumped right back into school schedules and obligations. But I’ve also had some fun lately – a weekend in South Beach sans kids, good laughs with girlfriends late nights over wine and popcorn, an afternoon XU game with the whole family, etc. And yes, if I won the lottery one of my first purchases would indeed be a box suite at the Xavier Cintas Center. I LOVE XU basketball. It’s a bit silly, but I just enjoy it so much. Maybe it goes back to the days of dorm life and living on the same floor as the basketball team. They were a hoot. That’s for sure. So here’s our silly we-love-XU family photo from the weekend. Stay tuned…I hope to post again before another month goes by…



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