First Snow Day of the Season


Our first snow day of the season was a success. I always assume I’ll get so much accomplished being stuck at home. HA! Although I did get quite a few things done, they weren’t the things I needed to focus on. The little people got in the way. But it was fine. They watched movies, played nicely, wrote Santa letters, had fun in the snow, ate dinosaur chicken nuggets and drank hot chocolate AND got to play with Play-Doh all afternoon.

I still got to do NINE loads of laundry, dress three kids in snow clothes, undress three kids, dig out all of the 4T boy clothes from the basement, bag up all of the 3T Henry-hand-me-downs for a neighbor, work on school PTA stuff for our BIG holiday event, sort through a vacation-load of mail, etc.


The kids declared it the best. snow. day. EVER. Because it was the first one of the season. We’ll see how they feel if all the weather predictions are right and this becomes a regular occurrence. Momma only gets out the Play-Doh every 8 weeks or so…I’m going to have to find a back-up plan for other afternoon activities.


 How do you spend snow days?

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