Is Your House Still Frozen Or Has It Thawed?


In a recent discussion, a friend was telling me that the Frozen stuff was STILL hard to find in stores. And her daughter STILL wanted an Elsa doll for Christmas. So I’ve been keeping my eyes out for her and others. Today I ran into Walmart looking for a specific hamper for Charlotte’s new room. I glanced in the toy aisle. WOW! Lots of Frozen stuff stocked at Walmart. So if you need to grab something before the holidays, I suggest getting to your local Walmart soon. Some stuff was still out-of-stock (no Kristoff doll combo) but the shelves were definitely not bare.




And I saw Frozen stuff throughout the entire store. There was bedding, blankets, towels, and I even think I saw bathroom stuff. Remember the game Trouble? There is an Olaf version! So be sure to search the whole store if you are really on a mission. Walmart definitely had more than I’ve seen elsewhere.


I even came across these Halloween Treats. NUT-FREE!! And one of them advertised being gluten free. I meant to take a photo of the ingredients of both, but forgot.



  Are your kids still into all-things Frozen?

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  1. Unfortunately, our house is still “Frozen!” I can’t believe the longitivity of this obsession! It’s been a year for heaven’s sake! My daughter (4) and all of her friends are going to Elsa this Halloween – we parents won’t be able to tell them apart! LOL! I wish they would be more original. One girl is going to be a cheerleader, and I’m so excited for that! 🙂

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