Ice Bucket Challenge Halloween Costume


I have to admit that I did not come up with this idea all on my own. We were at another Halloween event and I saw a little girl dressed similarly as this costume. As soon as I saw it, I knew that it should be easy to create. And it has a time limit so if we wanted to do it, 2014 was the year. This costume may not be funny in the years to come. I love a good costume that plays on recent events in good taste.

Who Remembers the Hurricane Ike Wind Storm?

One of my all-time favorites was in 2008. If you lived in the Greater Cincinnati area back then you will remember the effects of Hurricane Ike that September. We had a HUGE wind storm with wind gusts at Hurricane Category One level. Power was knocked out in some places for an entire week. Schools were canceled. It was a crazy experience because after the short-lived wind storm, the weather was nice that week but it was still creepy because few had power. That Halloween we went to a costume party and a couple showed up representing the storm. He came as whirling leaves and she came as a Duke Energy worker with a hard hat and safety vest. It stole the party and I believe won prizes.

Supplies Needed for the Ice Bucket Challenge Costume

For the Ice Bucket Challenge costume there wasn’t much required – a bucket, some “water”, some “ice”, ice trays, and ice buckets. A friend found the basic black buckets and sticker letters at a dollar store. I bought cheap ice trays and ice buckets at Big Lots. I already had tulle, felt, string, and tape. I really wanted reusable ice cubes to finalize the costume. That’s where “it should be easy to create” became “WHY ON EARTH DOES NO ONE CARRY REUSABLE ICE CUBES?”

Searching for Ice Cubes

None of the “normal” stores had them – the Targets, Meijers, Walmarts. I finally found some at the 2nd Bed, Bath and Beyond…only because the store manager searched the stock room because online it said they were indeed in stock but nowhere to be found on the store floor. But I believe it was worth the search because the ice cubes made it look fabulous.

I also created “water droplets” out of blue felt and taped them to the tulle. The tape didn’t hold very well. I’d love to say I planned that because the droplets fell to the ground throughout the night looking as though we were really dripping water. We stuffed the buckets with packing bubbles to make it fit our heads. I used some elastic to secure mine as well.

Andy wasn’t so sure about carrying around the ice bucket…until he realized it could hold his beverages! The very best part of this costume? I got to wear yoga pants and be super comfortable!




Do YOU dress up for Halloween?

What is your costume?

What’s the best costume you’ve seen recently?

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