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Game On Fitness

If you are local and looking for a great workout, you need to try Game On Fitness in downtown Sharonville. I started taking Amy’s classes almost 2 years ago while she was at another facility. When I enrolled at the front desk the week before classes started the woman behind the counter jokingly questioned me, “So…you’ve never taken a class here and you are going to start with Amy’s Boot Camp? Good Luck. You should see those women when they are finished.” I was hesitant, but my neighbor dragged me there the next Monday evening. And I was hooked! Was it hard? Yes. Was I sore afterwards? Yes. Was I getting back into shape? Finally. My schedule only allowed for 1-2 times a week and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Why I Love Amy’s Classes

The main reason I loved Amy’s classes when I was a “newbie” is because no two classes are ever the same. The woman is the master of variety. The class might have the same name and be held at the same time each week and hit the same muscle groups, but the workout will vary. The other reason I kept coming back was because she puts you under no pressure. She does loudly cheer, “Give me another 8 more! You can do this! Lift higher! You can do anything for 30 seconds!” But she also shows you at least 3 levels of the workout. “If you are level 1…., level 2 bring it up to this…level 3 I expect you to add on…..” And she gives you tips and warnings like “If your back is bothering you, modify this way….” or “Be sure you are inhaling at this point and exhaling at that point…” She encourages you to focus on YOU. Your personal fitness level and how you are feeling that day. And yes, it took me an entire year to do push-ups, burpees and wall-sits without wanting to vomit immediately afterwards.

The classes at the old facility were great, but I wanted more. I wanted to be able to go more often and try more variety. I was beyond thrilled when she opened her own studio this summer. Game On Fitness is what I consider our neighborhood family-friendly fitness studio.

Services Offered

Amy offers a variety of services. I currently have her monthly Group Fitness package. I love that I can get all of my kids off to school and then head straight to the studio for a quick, but intense, workout (most classes are 45 minutes). Some of her morning classes include Boot Camp, Barre, Core Strength, Power Circuits, Zumba, Yoga and Pilates. She also has her own unique creations like the LBD class. It focuses on the areas you want to look best while wearing your Little Black Dress. And the mornings when Henry is with me? He tags along and plays in the kids area. And there is an app to help you keep track of it all! Once you register on Amy’s website you can connect everything on the app and it will automatically add classes to your calendar when you register.

Can’t make it in the morning? Amy’s schedule offers a variety of times. Free babysitting is currently offered during various classes. Amy’s other services include personal training, kids fitness, nutrition and wellness coaching.

Group Fitness Showcase Coming Up

Still not convinced? Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 27th. From 1:30-4:30 pm Amy is holding a Group Fitness Showcase. For only $18 you can spend the afternoon “trying out” her classes. She will do 10-15 minute class demos throughout the afternoon. Between demos you can sample nutritional foods, browse vendors, and catch up with friends. Space is limited so register on her website now!


Quite the serious face in the above photo. Amy thought I looked tough. I think I look confused. I was not gifted with coordination, so it often takes me a minute longer to learn a new workout move. When she starts combining arm moves with leg moves and other choreography…I have to pay attention! I’m just now getting to a point where I can really focus on my breathing because I’m not concentrating as hard on stepping in the wrong direction (unless I’m at Zumba – that deserves a post all on its own).



 Yes, that’s me in the photo below on the far right getting my squat on!


What type of workout do you prefer?

Are you a runner, walker, fitness class type of person?

What type of class is your favorite?

{I actually did NOT take these photos. They are the photography skills of one of her other clients. Thanks Margie! Amy shared these photos with me so I could share with you. I think she thought I’d share a few photos on Facebook when I asked for them. Amy had no idea I was writing this post. She did not ask me to review her studio nor did she exchange any services for this glowing review. I am just addicted to Game On Fitness and had to share!}

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  1. I agree 100% with everything you said. I love the variety, but my favorite thing is the results! I’ve been going pretty consistently since mid-July and I am noticing changes all over my body. I have only lost a few pounds, but I’ve lost 2 inches around my waist. Plus, I just feel stronger and fitter!

  2. Tricia, you and I must have started working out with Amy around the same time. I remember feeling very nervous in the beginning because I hadn’t worked out in probably 20 years. But, Amy is always so positive, and you are right, she always reminds us to work at OUR OWN LEVEL. She demonstrates the different levels throughout each class, so anyone new can feel comfortable. I agree with everything else you mention above, especially about the variety. The new facility offers a variety of classes, a variety of times, and a variety of special feature classes. It gives us so many ways to fit the workouts into our crazy schedules. The ability to switch things up and work outdoors on beautiful days (Indoor/Outdoor Boot Camp) is another great feature. Amy is always looking for ways to keep it fresh and interesting (She admits to needing to switch it up so she doesn’t get bored). Plus the app on the phone makes it convenient to check to see what classes are coming up, to book them, to cancel them if needed, and to sign in, as well. It’s easy to get hooked on Amy’s workouts.

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