Dogwood Art Studio


Friday night a group of friends from our neighborhood went to Dogwood Art Studio to do some painting. We had a lot of fun. Robin was a fantastic hostess and led all of us through the process of blank canvas to masterpiece. Some of us drank a little more than others…so some were more masterpieces than others! HA! Overall, we had a fantastic time. Robin’s prices are very reasonable and she also hosts parties for kids. Be sure to check out her website. She supplies the canvas and art supplies. You can bring your own snacks and drinks. Since it was Moms Night Out for us, we focused more on cocktails! Mojitos, Sangria and wine definitely help bring out your creativity!


Here are our final paintings. You can see many more photos from our Moms Night Out party on Robin’s Dogwood Art Studio Facebook Page.


What do you like to do on a Moms Night Out?

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