Water Bottle Holder


When it comes to being a stay-at-home-mom with three little kids…well, I’m becoming more and more in love with small conveniences. And some of them are totally unnecessary, but I’m ok with it. Like my new “water bottle holder”. I cannot tell you how many times the kids throw their water bottles into a nice big DRY bag of beach towels and then when I go to sit on a towel at the pool it is soaking wet from either spillage or condensation.

Then last week I found this awesome fit&fresh “lunch bag” that perfectly fits FOUR large water bottles. I saw it at Meijer and talked myself out of it (buying a bag for water bottles = ridiculous!). And then I went to the pool a few more times. I headed back to Meijer and forked over the $12.99 for the bag. It’s even insulated and has an ice pack. It’s in the water bottle/lunch box aisle for anyone else that wants one. I will not judge.


What small convenience are you loving?

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  1. Um, that looks amazing! We had a massive water bottle leakage all over the dry clothes my DD was going to change in to for a play date after swim lessons. Thankfully, she’s pretty easy going so there were no “my clothes are soaking wet” meltdowns, but I sure was missing my water!

    As for conveniences, I have finally succumbed to the snack pack size stuff. I held out for as long as I could for the sake of the environment, but telling the kids to “go pick out a snack” on our way out the door and having them grab something from the approved stash has been a huge time savor for me. My deepest apologies, Al Gore.

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