Oh, the Places You’ll Go – End of School Tradition


I’d be surprised if you haven’t seen this on Pinterest or heard someone else tell you about it. You might ask yourself, who really does this? ME! I have three of these books – one for each kid. I started it at our daycare/preschool. Whenever one of my kids graduates from a classroom, I ask the teacher(s) to sign his/her book. They can write ANYWHERE they want inside of it. And the notes are hysterical, sweet, and very personalized.

I loved the idea of keeping it a secret until high school graduation, but that’s just not going to happen here. The kids have helped me tote it back and forth. They realize what is going on each time it’s pulled out and taken to school. As first grade wraps up, Stella’s book is being signed by her teacher, librarian, guidance counselor, reading specialist, etc. All her choice.

This also makes a great baby shower gift. You can search Pinterest for cute print-outs to go with it describing the process and even cuter poems to put in the book explaining the process to teachers and caregivers. I just hand it over and they seem to understand.



Do you have any end of school traditions?

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