Easel Art Gifts


It’s almost the end of the school year. Which can mean “end-of-the-year” gifts for teachers, bus drivers, classroom helpers, etc. So when I saw these 2-packs of miniature easels on clearance at Michael’s craft store, I bought a stack of them. (I noticed other sizes and options in the canvas area on an end-cap not on clearance, but still reasonable if you use a coupon.)


The girls had a great time decorating them. (Henry was already in bed.) Did we use paint? Do you think I’m THAT crazy? The girls just used some fine point washable markers. And then an ultra-fine Sharpie to sign names on some.


The one at the beginning of the post is obviously for Stella’s bus driver. And the one below is for Stella’s teacher. She has an Italian background and apparently talks about her love of pasta (all pasta) all the time. So Stella thought drawing her a decorative bowl of spaghetti and meatballs (with a hand and fork) was appropriate.


And yes, not everyone might appreciate my child’s art work. However, at $1.25 for each mini canvas AND easel…it was cheaper than a greeting card AND kept my kids busy for almost an hour! I consider that a double-win.

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