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A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to get some new headshots from a local photographer. More to come on the actual photos themselves. Once I posted a few on Facebook, the comments came in FAST. So many people did NOT like the serious-face Tricia. Sorry! But many, many, many people LOVED the necklace I was wearing with the purple shirt.

And it has both a story and a great cause behind it. A couple of years ago I met a wonderful woman named Mandy at a blogging conference. She was wearing a very similar necklace. I was intrigued that it was made out of paper beads by women in Kenya. I was bummed that they were out of stock. She and I connected on Facebook and months went by. Then I saw her post that she was going to Kenya herself to meet the artists behind Just One. And then I saw on the Just One Facebook page that they were bringing back suitcases full of jewelry!!

So I browsed the website store and had a really tough time deciding what to order. I ended up with the necklace pictured below and a couple of other items. It was for a good cause, right? So be sure to check out Just One and remember them whenever you have jewelry needs.

The best part? Mandy saw that everyone loved the necklace and suggested a giveaway! Woo-hoo!


Enter to win the necklace shown above!

Leave a comment on this post answering one of the following questions.


What will you wear this necklace with?

Will you keep it for yourself or is it for a gift?

What other jewelry on their website do you just love and plan to order?

 {I was not compensated at all for this post. I ordered my own necklaces before the giveaway was even a thought. I LOVE their jewelry and cause.}

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  1. I can wear the beautiful necklace with any plain outfit to dress it up. Best part I will have a great story of a great blogger friend and cause to start up lots of new conversations.

  2. I will keep it for myself 😉 Although it will inspire me to think of gifts for others. I love gifts with good stories!

  3. 1. So many possibilities, but I would wear red ankle pants, chambray button down top, white jean jacket and red or black wedges.

    2. This may be selfish, but I would keep it for myself, to wear but also show my clients examples of how easy it is to mix color into your wardrobe!

    3. The Mint and Gold Necklace is calling me….”It’s worthing getting in trouble for…just buy me!”

  4. Cute stuff! I would give it as a gift because I have a friend who love receiving gifts like this that are for a good cause and she has a birthday coming up.

  5. I think it would be stunning against solid white or solid black. I have to admit I’d keep this one for myself but would buy some others as gifts-such a great cause! Love it!

  6. I love this necklace! I think it would really cute with a plain white shirt and fun jeans. I like the bracelets on the site – the mint green one or one of the colored ones! And I would TOTALLY keep it for myself since I never win anything 🙂

  7. Love the necklace (I’d wear it with jeans/jean skirt & t-shirt, which is my uniform). Love the website and jewelry!! I am going to order the Kenya Power Woman Group black& silver earring and the Uganda chunky wooden wrap bracelet!! I’ve already added the website to my favorites!

  8. So pretty!! You could wear this with just about anything!! Always looking for a statement necklace. Great cause too :).

  9. so pretty! i think i’d keep it for myself and wear it with just about anything. maybe with a denim skirt and solid colored shirt. 🙂

  10. I’d keep it (I’m selfish like that) and pair with a black, white, or chambray top. Lots of cool stuff on the Just One site, but I REALLY liked the Ugandan necklace.

  11. I love it. Would keep for my self but already looking to buy stuff for mothers day for the MIL and my mom on the site. And looking at others for myself too! I would wear it with a black dress and bright shoes.

  12. I would wear this necklace with just about anything and I’d be tempted to keep it for myself so I could wear it and tell the story of the amazing women who make them! I love beaded jewelry and the history behind them in their use as currency and for bodily adornment.

  13. Oh Tricia,

    I need this! I love it! I recently had open heart surgery and I am (a little) self conscience right now about my huge scar (working on that but it is the truth).

    This necklace is seriously amazing and I would wear it with everything I own. I would honestly keep it but I would love to give these as gifts too.

    I love three tone chevron necklace too!
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  14. I would love to wear it with a white shirt and jeans. And I’m sure my 4 month old would love to grab it and stuff it in his mouth…..drool on jewelry is fashionable, right?!

    I love how versatile it is…and a great story!

  15. Looks great with your purple tee. I might have to go buy one in that exact color to wear the necklace with!

  16. If I win this necklace I would wear by the pool in my speedo. A Summer Shandy in my left hand and Pumpkin Martini in my right! I am more than a little concerned about the crazy tan lines this neckless will leave behind – but that is merely the cost of looking good!

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