Instant Margarita Review – Just Add Ice


A friend brought me a bottle of this Wild Berry Sparkling Margarita a couple of months ago. And it was yummy. You literally unscrew the top and pour it over ice. SO SIMPLE. I imagined it more as a perfect poolside drink. Tonight we are having tacos for dinner and I opened up the Mango Peach. Again, yum. Locally I’ve seen these at both Target and Kroger. The “normal” price tag states $17.99. Not sure I love it that much. However, right now it is marked down on “yellow tag” for $9.99 until June at local Krogers. DEFINITELY worth that price. If you are looking for a fun new drink to bring to a dinner hostess or to save for a hot day at the pool, grab one or five.

What is your favorite drink to have poolside?

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