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Are you tired of the Magic Tree House and Cam Jansen series? Does Junie B Jones get on your ever-lovin’-nerves?!?!?! (Just mine?) Is your reader not quite ready for the real Nancy Drew or the Beverly Cleary books we loved? Are you looking for some new ideas for your young reader for an upcoming Spring Break or Summer Break?

While I was at the library today, I took some photos of Stella’s favorite books to share with you to give you some new ideas. If you are looking for early reader chapter books, here are the ones she loves. The reading levels vary. I have NOT completely read all of these books. So use your own judgement as to what you feel is appropriate for your reader based upon his/her age and reading level. These are most likely geared towards kids in kindergarten through 2nd or 3rd grade.

I also checked out a few new ones (to us) in different series, so stay tuned for our review of those as well (Gooney Bird Greene, Calendar Mysteries, A to Z Mysteries…to name a few).












What chapter book series does your child enjoy?

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  1. We LOVE Clue Crew, Katie Kazoo, Clementine and Calendar Mysteries. We have also enjoyed the Daisy Dawson series about a little girl who can talk to animals. We just started Judy Moody. Oooh…maybe the Easter Bunny will bring the next one in that series! You’ve compiled a great list! If you’re looking for more titles, check out the extensive list over at A Mighty

  2. My daughters 7 & 6 love Stella Batts, Box Car Children & Mercy Watson. We give two big thumbs down to Junie B and Ivy & Bean. Don’t even waste your time, money or impressionable children!

  3. I meant to say earlier. My girls also love the Puppy Place & Rainbow Magic books. There’s a series that we just discovered too about a girl name Mallory McDonald. Just look it up under Mallory Chapter Books. My girls also like the Animal Ark series. I’m looking forward to checking out some of the others you’ve listed. I found your blog by looking up Stella Batts. I had a chance to look around your blog a bit. I really have enjoyed what I’ve read – you’ve done a nice job with it.

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