Baby Doll Themed Birthday Party


Last month the girls were invited to the cutest birthday party. I just had to share the idea, because it was a great one!

It was a baby doll themed birthday tea party. The invitation stated that you AND your favorite doll were invited to a fun afternoon. As soon as we walked in the door, I knew we were in for a special treat. The mom had set a table just for the dolls. Each doll had a place card so everyone could learn their names. And the mom made very cute “chairs” out of bandanas and duct tape. On the wall beside the table was a fantastic photo booth.




The place settings were perfectly sized. She used colorful cocktail forks, shot glasses and then cut off the end of straws. Everything was so cute and the girls LOVED taking care of their dolls and getting them all situated at the party table.


Every party needs food, right? After everyone arrived, the girls headed to the kitchen to create food for the dolls. The mom had tons of FRESH play-doh waiting to be sculpted into the perfect party food. The ideas and final products were both amusing and impressive.


Then the girls got to return to the party table and “feed” their babies. Once that was completed, they returned to the kitchen themselves to enjoy cake and ice cream.



The party wrapped up with free play, opening gifts and taking turns in the photo booth.


Party favors? They were adorable and useful. The mom made each girl a headband set for her and her doll.


And even our dolls learned to share. I found they had swapped headbands a few days later in order to better coordinate with their outfits!


What birthday party themes have you seen/attended lately?

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  1. how do you get the hankerchiefs to hold the dolls up? i have tried taping them adn the dolls keep falling back or fall out the bottom? any tips are greatly appreciated!! we have a party in a couple days! I got duct tape and bandanas but cant get it to work 🙁

    • Erryn – I asked the party planner. Here is her response: I had a lot of trouble with the duct tape sticking. I ended up using a LOT of duct tape, many which were long strips reinforced with smaller strips under the table. (I think I had to use regular gray industrial duct tape for under the table.). As you can see in the picture I had a long strip of decorative duct tape to hold the handkerchief ends to the too but the long strip hides and reinforces 2 smaller strips. The dolls are heavy so it took a lot of time and trial and error. Hope that helps!

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