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I was eating my much-too-normal snack of PB and graham crackers when it hit me. I never did write that post about what I buy at Costco. And then I thought…do I really want people to know what I buy at Costco? But I get asked all the time. So against my fear of being judged about my choices (yes, I buy cleaning products that might have too many chemicals for your liking) I’m caving to the constant suggestion of many readers – those that insist “You NEED to do a Costco post!”

Here it is.

I went to Costco yesterday and was the crazy lady sneaking photos right and left in all the aisles. The photos are not the best. And grouping them was even more fun (for some you can sing which of these things is not like the other?).

My brother is home on his last college spring break so he tagged along…and swears he’ll never go to Costco with me again (mission accomplished) no matter how much he wants to save $ on spring break supplies or future items.

You will see that my choices today were very random – some I actually purchased and others are “normal” items already stocked at home. And like all of my other shopping, there is no rhyme or reason as to why I remain loyal to Jif and Honey Maid, but am also willing to spend $15 on an organic trail mix I love. I will confess that when we first joined Costco I did an Excel sheet price comparison (yes, I did and yes, I’m admitting it) and was blown away by the cost savings back then. I have NOT compared all prices lately (because I have three kids and who has time for that?!?!?!). I keep an eye on prices at our local Kroger/Walmart/Target and still feel most of these items are the best value. Or just too damn convenient to give up.


I buy almost all of my cleaning products in bulk from Costco when they are on coupon. You simply cannot beat the price.


When Stella was born we were not Costco members. However, ever since we became members, we have used Kirkland wipes. We don’t use as many anymore, but still keep a stash of them around the house and in the car. We completely switched to their toilet paper and no one complains. And I just love select-a-sheet paper towels. I only buy them on coupon and know they were the best deal a few years ago. Haven’t checked lately.


I’m addicted to Downy. End of story. I prefer Ziploc over any other brand of baggies. I am passionate about sunscreen and we go through a shit-ton of it during the summer now. And Crest with Scope is our favorite. I always stock up on these, but only when they are on coupon.


Continuing the sunscreen theme, I love the kids’ bathing suits. I just grabbed 2 shirt/short sets for Henry and a few Speedos for the girls. Having NOTHING to do with swimming…the Artichoke and Jalapeno dip is to die for. But there is a TON of it. So split it with the neighbor or save purchasing it for when you are having a party. Pita chips are my “dip carrier” of choice for this one. I don’t always buy my beef here, but have bought it often enough to snap a photo.


We love LaRosa’s spaghetti sauce. I’m sure it’s loaded with sugar, but I don’t care. It’s delicious. And you can’t beat the Costco price of it. Same goes with Montgomery Inn BBQ sauce. Can’t help loving these Cincinnati favorites. My kids really like baked beans…but only Bush’s original. We probably only have it as a side a couple times a month, but I still stock up at Costco because of the price. You could argue that you can probably get Cheerios cheaper at another store when they are on sale and if you have a coupon, but I stock up here. I try to get them on coupon, but they are normally in my cart every trip.


Costco can be a very dangerous place in the snacks and treats section. They hover around you with samples and before you know it, you’re shoving more in your cart. The Brookside Dark Chocolate treats are one of my favorite things. But only in the 100 calorie packs. Usually you can only get big bags, but today was my lucky day. I’m honestly wondering why I didn’t buy more than one box. Do not try the kettle corn or Chicago mix. Do not let it tempt you. Just keep walking. Otherwise, be prepared to become addicted. I first found Rickland Farms granola bars that were really good and now I’ve seen a few other products as well. I really like their trail mix. The GoGo squeeze apple sauces are still a family favorite for on-the-go snacking. Thin Addictives are another good snack to take somewhere since they are individually wrapped. Yes, the yogurt is dairy. But it’s still one of my favorite snacks. I picked up the yogurt on coupon this trip. I love yogurt and am not really brand loyal.

So that was the majority of my trip today. Other “normals” on our list? Razors, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, cheeses, refrigerated ravioli, frozen chicken nuggets and coffee for the Keurig. If I’m hosting a party I might grab something from the prepackaged foods – shrimp cocktail ring, turkey rolls, or a pot pie. The stuffed peppers are a family favorite. I never leave without checking out the clothing. I bought some shorts and a skirt today, but have to exchange sizes. And I practically live in their workout gear now. I love seeing the furniture and we are still very happy with the girls’ bunk bed and dresser. Mums in the fall are a must and the holiday toy sale can’t be beat.

I could go on and on and on…but now it’s YOUR turn…

Do you shop at Costco?

What are your “normal” items to purchase?

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  1. Same TP, paper towels, baby wipes, toilet bowl cleaner, and Lysol wipes. We also use the garbage bags because they are dirt cheap (both the outdoor and kitchen bag size). I’ve bought lots of the Carter’s outfits for my two kids because again ridiculously cheap. Snacks – veggie straws, pretzels, fruit snacks, fiber one bars. Bought a tv as well. Best price when we compared. Toys at Christmas are fanastic. Only problem we have had is with a baby crib and Costco rocked about returning it. Oh Christmas trees are great as well! Photo center is great and cheap. Do you sense a theme?? I watched a program about the store and they rigorously test all of the products that they bring in. Interesting show if you can find it. If you get the executive membership, you earn money back on your purchases!!

  2. http://finance.fortune.cnn.com/2014/03/11/will-millennials-kill-costco/ see this article re. your brother. I guess we are part of the old people who go to costco now!

    We get batteries, produce similar to you but adding organic spinach, organic sliced apples, organic salad, kiwi, bananas etc, costco brand paper towels, smart water 1 liter bottles, milk and eggs on occasion, frozen ravioli, frozen kashi waffles, frozen french baguettes -NUT FREE from france btw – if you haven’t bought these go do it soon! This bread is soooo useful and delicious!, superior bakery black and white cookie and brownie bites – also NUT FREE (called the manufacturer), books and magazines on occasion, swimsuits for girls, socks for husband, all clad put set, garage storage shelf (online), breathe right strips, dishwasher tablets, laundry detergent, cereal on occasion, raisin bread and popcorn (loving this lately), goldfish crackers, the chocolate covered pretzel thins are yummmmy (not nut safe though), annies fruit snacks sometimes, and finally, we bought 12 emerald green arborvites from the store for like $18 each and they were like 4 feet tall. (and they are planted and stayed alive – so I win on that purchase! LOL)

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