The Tooth Fairy


Stella is probably the only first grader in her class that has NOT yet lost ONE tooth. At her dentist appointment over Christmas break, the hygienist and dentist both reassured her that it was quite normal. They also told me it was still going to be awhile – nothing was budging much yet.

So yesterday when she was crying suddenly at lunch I was surprised. Her mouth hurt! Her tooth hurt! We suddenly realized her two bottom teeth were FINALLY wiggling.

She had tears of PAIN.

She had tears of JOY!

Through the tears she cried, “THE TOOTH FAIRY WILL FINALLY COME!!!”

And then a few minutes later she was over it. She was babbling things like “it’s so hard to eat”, “how soon will it fall out?”, “this is going to happen HOW MANY times?”, and finally, “this is NOT as cool as I thought it would be”. Poor thing!

The entire time my mind was racing with “I’m still not ready”, “where should I convince her to put it when it falls out?”, “under the pillow or in a tooth fairy pillow?”, “how long do I have until it really will fall out?”, and finally, “what will the tooth fairy leave for my children?”

So today I got some things in order to get ahead of the “game”. I found my old tooth fairy pillow from when I was a kid (I left my teeth in the front heart pocket). It’s a bit worn out, but will at least give her the idea of NOT putting it under her own pillow. It will work until I find her a special tooth pillow of her own. (Because she’s on the top bunk and climbing up there and digging around numerous times does NOT sound appealing.)

I also made a special trip to the bank. I asked for $1 coins and the lady immediately stated that the Tooth Fairy prefers the gold ones and she assumed that’s what I wanted as well. YEP. So she found the 25 shiniest ones she had and now I’m all set for the first 25 teeth lost in our house.

Ok, so some of you are like ONLY $1 per tooth!?!?!? Well, I asked Stella what she thought the Tooth Fairy would leave her. She took a minute and then said, “I really hope it’s a quarter.” I think the $1 gold coin will thrill her.

Where do you leave the tooth?!?

What does the Tooth Fairy leave at your house?

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