10 Local Blogs

I was at a birthday party yesterday and one of the moms asked me about which local blogs I read…especially to see what is going on around town. Good question. Here is a list of 10 local blogs I enjoy and each focuses on something a bit different so check them all out!

Family Friendly Cincinnati – Great source for finding out about local events and happenings. They also do a lot of awesome giveaways.

365 Cincinnati – When Bridgett first started her blog she spent the first year (365 days) doing different things around Cincinnati. So her site is definitely a wealth of information about things to do around the city.

Adventure Mom – Nedra specializes in adventure. Near and far. Small and large. Her goal is to encourage others to try something new. She finds unique experiences around the area (sometimes regionally) and shares about them on her blog.

Mason Metu – I will admit, I don’t visit this site often, but everyone else does! Apparently I need to check it out more.

Wine Me, Dine Me Cincinnati – Mainly reviews on local restaurants.

5chw4r7z – I began following this guy on Instagram. I love his photos of downtown. His blog is also interesting. Such a different lifestyle living downtown. I also love going to his blog because on the left-hand side he lists a TON of local blogs to check out.

CincyWhimsy – Paige is so eclectic and I just love it. From her posts and events she attends I assume she is a huge supporter of downtown. I always check in on her blog to see what I am missing out on in my suburban bubble – unusual (for me) restaurants, sites, events, etc.

Gravity Mom – Kim is a local mom of two who stays home with her kids and runs Gravity Mom to bring down-to-earth parenting topics to other moms.

My Life and Kids – I still cannot believe I have not yet met Anna in person. If you haven’t read any of her hilarious stories, be sure to head on over and dig in.

#FashionbyMayhem – And, FINALLY, last (but no-way least) is probably definitely my favorite. Yep, I admited it. Mayhem’s daily photo on Instagram ALWAYS make me smile. And I’m hoping some of her fashion sense wears off on Henry. We definitely won’t be seeing #fashionbyhenry anytime soon!


What blogs (local or other) are you reading most often?



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