My Cherry Coke Days Are Numbered – Boo Hoo Big Boy!


There are afternoons when I’m out running errands with the kids that I just want a little pick-me-up. Been there? Well, for me, the answer is a nice refreshing fully-loaded (caffeine and calorie) medium Cherry Coke from Frisch’s.  The crushed ice + the cherry syrup + the coke = YUMMINESS!  It just brightens my day. It’s not a daily habit. Just a couple of times a month treat. A quick dash through the drive-thru and then slurping up the YUMMINESS!!

So today I hesitantly pulled the car in at 10:30. Early for me, but I’ve been caffeine-free during my sickness and I finally needed something and {blasphemy} Starbucks sounded yuck.

I made it up to the drive-thru and asked anxiously, “Have you switched to Pepsi yet?”

I waited for the reply on the speaker. And waited. And then I heard that glorious word, “No.”

Hallelujah! I still had an opportunity to sip that YUMMINESS.

Wait? You haven’t heard? The news? The local DEVASTATION?

Yes friends, Frisch’s is switching. In fact, some locations have already pulled the plug on Coke. I’m not sure what happened, but Frisch’s is going Pepsi. And apparently it’s a 7-year deal.

Are you crying yet?

Well, there are still Big Boys, and Buddie Boys (my favorite) and pancakes all day for the kids. But a lot of us are going to have to find something else to fill our cups.

Run while you can…grab that last Coke. Our local one said it will be gone soon. Within the month.

What’s been your normal drink order at Frisch’s?

Favorite sandwich there?

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  1. So I had my last Vanilla DC at Frisch’s when I was home over Christmas, but did not know it was my last. My sis texted me the news as we were on our way back to Chicago. It is AWFUL! Very disrespectful to their customers. I have been eating and drinking Coca-Cola products at Frisch’s my WHOLE life. Pepsi is NOT the same. Boo hoo, indeed.

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