Common Sense Media – Have You Downloaded It Yet?


Well, we did it. Something I swore for a long time we wouldn’t do. Something we didn’t need. But then Andy and I really wanted to re-watch the first Hunger Games movie (before heading to theater for #2) and could not find it anywhere on our cable service. And the free trial popped up. So we caved. And now we have Netflix.

So (I digress) what does any person with a free trial of Netflix do after watching the Hunger Games movie? Watches the entire first season of Orange is the New Black during the holiday break…after the kids are in bed, of course. That series? Definitely not for all. Or even for most! But it just might be the reason we hang onto Netflix for awhile. Up next for the adults? House of Cards.

Back to the original reason I am posting. Our way-too-long Christmas break has been filled with many things: fun family board game rivalries, family time, extended family time, festive activities, arts, crafts, blah, blah, blah. It’s also been filled with sickness. And the person with that sickness has mainly been ME. And you know when momma is down-and-out, it’s just no fun. Who am I kidding? The kids have been having a blast playing even more board games with Andy.

But now that he’s back to work, the fun is somewhat over. I am finally up-and-about, but still not 100%. So although this morning we did feel-at-one-with-nature and the current weather here (negative temperatures and school canceled AGAIN) and decided to have a Frozen-themed morning – with Frozen coloring pages, the Frozen soundtrack blaring out of the speakers (LET IT GO!!!!!), and the kids reenacting scenes with Stella’s new Frozen figurines…well, that was this morning.

Yesterday? This afternoon? Looked much more like the photo above. I will completely admit to not leaving the couch yesterday except to scrape together a lunch that seemed less than stellar. I sat there all day and read an entire book while they played and watched TV. This afternoon? Movie time returns because the Frozen morning wore me out. And many “thanks” to Netflix and all the new options we have.

So where am I going with all this?? Well, some movies and shows that are listed? I haven’t heard of or know nothing about. And Stella’s even been asking me lately about some “older kid” Disney shows. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is finally seeing its last days with her I do believe (NOOOOO!!!!!!). She wants to know about Jessie and Dog With a Blog because friends are talking about them.

And although I have a great group of friends with older kids in their households, I also stumbled across an amazing website I had no idea existed. Common Sense Media is an awesome resource for parents. (AND there is an app for your phone!) This website rates and reviews movies, television shows, books, songs, apps, websites, etc. on both age appropriateness and quality. And it is so user-friendly. AND there are reviews from other parents. I love that in their Top 10 Beliefs, Number 1 listed is “We believe in media sanity, not censorship.” If you want to dig deeper, read some of the FAQs to discover who exactly is writing the “What Parents Need to Know” sections and what the ratings, colors, etc. mean. Now go check it out!

How do you monitor what is age appropriate for your kids?

Anyone on Netflix?  What else do we need to watch?!?!

{Disclosure: I’ve had ZERO interaction with Common Sense Media.  They did NOT ask me to write this.  I am just so thankful to have found this awesome resource I had to be sure all of you were aware as well!}

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  1. I have to say, love Netflix! Try homeland series if you haven’t seen. VERY good!

    I don’t like older Disney shows much. don’t let my oldest watch them. For stella age have you tried wild kratts? Or Octonauts? Or electric company? All a little older than mickey but not older with all that boy stuff and kissing etc.

    glad you are feeling a little better! Remember, January is national parenting by tv month anyway so, no guilt! Especially with the cold weather!

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