Things Overheard at Disney


The following just might have been spoken out loud by one of us at some point during our Disney trip last week.  Can you guess who said what?

“There is no crying at Disney!”

“Come here and let me show you where I peed.”

“Yes, we are having potato chips for dinner.”

“Not exactly as cool as I thought.  There are no fairies on the ferry boat to Disney.”

“Um…did we just eat at Jeff Ruby’s?  I thought we just ate eggs…but this bill amount seems to think otherwise.” (Princess Breakfast)

“We just had our picture taken with Mickey.  How did he change his clothes and get into that parade so fast??”

“You mean the Magic Kool-Aid is OVER? I mean Kingdom.”

“Yep, according to Google, I have given myself hemorrhoids on this trip.  Thanks Disney.”

“We took the wrong road, again.  Damn Disney for making it hard to stay off-property.”

“Disney – where heaven and hell collide.”

“Room 207?  But I don’t see that on the map?”  “Building 2…what building 2?”  “Um, what is your hotel address?” “Damn, we’re at different locations.”

“Happiest place on earth!  Happiest place on earth!” (while children scream and cry)

“I want to come back next year.  And I’m talking JANUARY, mom!”

Have you ever been to Disney World?

If you took your kids, how old were they?

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  1. I haven’t gone with the kid(s) yet…we will when she’s 5 or 7, I think. She loves the princesses and everything Disney. My husband and I went together for Christmas once though – best vacation I’ve ever had! I want to see some pics of yours now! 🙂

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