Hand-Me-Down Heaven


So excited to receive this box in the mail yesterday from a friend down south.  I LOVE hand-me-downs.  Especially when it’s 7 Mini Boden items!  I consider myself extremely lucky to receive hand-me-downs from quite a few friends with older girls and boys. At any given time you are likely to see this in my dining room:


Bags of clothes I’ve received from friends and neighbors.  Because of this, I rarely buy clothes for my kids.  Which is AWESOME.  And I bag up all of their stuff when it’s outgrown and give it forward to friends as well.

Are you in hand-me-down heaven?

Or, no thanks, I buy my kids all of their clothes…

When I do have to buy something, I usually head to Gymboree, Kohl’s or Target.

If you tend to shop for your own stuff, where is your place of choice?

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