Fort Liberty Playland


Andy was gone all weekend and we needed something fun and different to occupy our Sunday morning.  So I surprised the kids by putting them right into the car when they got up and headed straight to Stan the Donut Man.  Each kid carefully picked out the perfect donut, grabbed a milk carton and got back into the car.  We went a bit further north (detoured at Starbucks) and ended up at Fort Liberty Playland.  Stella had been once before for a daycare summer camp field trip and has been begging to return.  And now I understand why.  This park is so cool for little ones!



There are lots of benches and picnic tables for families and groups.  And I really liked that the smaller kid area was completely fenced.  So your younger toddlers could be contained a bit more.


My kids played for HOURS.  Seriously, we were there for FOUR hours and I had to beg them to leave.  Sunday morning was not crowded at all.  A few families came and went.  My kids did a lot of imaginary play.  Below they were hard at work in a pirate and dragon story.


And if you missed my post on Facebook or Instagram I snuck up on these two to capture a sweet sister moment…only to discover that they were discussing BOOGERS.  Moment ruined.


The really cool thing is that there is a walking trail adjacent to the park.  I watched most families arrive via the trail.  This park is not exactly close to our neighborhood (about 20 minutes away) so I’m not sure how far or where the trail goes.  However, I did see a mom go for a quick run while dad and the kids played.  Great idea!


Overall, it’s a great park to check out if you need a new adventure!

Where is your favorite park?

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