Tissue Paper Crafts for Kids

Stella-with-tissue-paper-rainbow-craftAre you looking for a simple, quick, hardly-any-supplies-needed, indoor craft for your kids?

Do you have a lot of tissue paper left over from receiving gifts?  No?!?  Are you one of those that recycles it or throws it away?  Not me.  I’m that annoying person that KEEPS every bit of tissue paper to reuse or recycle my own way.  Lucky for me, after Stella’s birthday in June I was able replenish our tissue paper supply with beautiful colors. 

So today when the kids were all whining…”We’re BORED”, I threw tissue paper at them.  And a piece of cardboard and a bottle of glue.

Stella carefully made a rainbow and Charlotte went more abstract.

Henry?  Well, he convinced Charlotte just to turn the rest of the paper into a “swimming pool” with waves.

Whatever keeps them happy and entertained!



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