The Summer It Didn’t Stop Raining

Recently the summer has been wet.  Really wet.  I think we are all feeling a little soggy here and a tad bit pruney and/or wrinkly.  And stir crazy?  Yup.  We’ve all got the fever…cabin fever.

If you are not local, we have not seen the sun for days.  At least not for more than a few minutes here and there.  And our temperatures have been in the high 60s to low 70s.  Not really 4th of July type of weather.

And with the rain comes our backyard water issues.  We are wading in water over here.  For real.  How much water?  Take a look.  Luckily it is not getting into our basement nor our neighbors basements.  Trust me…the hubby has been on neighborhood-basement-watch for all the people out of town this weekend!

Here are a couple of videos of the massive water.  And you’ll also get to check out our backyard!

Again, we are fortunate that we haven’t resulted in any major issues due to this water…yet.  It gets closer and closer to the house and keeps washing out our landscaping.  So we have called the experts and are putting a plan together to reroute this properly.

On a happy note…these little guys keep visiting us as well:


They are keeping my kids entertained!

How do you keep your kids entertained when stuck inside on rainy days?

These are keeping me and Andy entertained!  Yum!

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