Happy Mother’s Day!


Mother’s Day has been PERFECT.  Low key.  No plans.  (Andy came home from a week-long business trip last night.)  We had donuts and chocolate milk for breakfast.  I received lots of handmade cards and notes and puzzles.  I adore hand print art and Henry’s potted flowers (above) melt my heart.

After breakfast, Andy gathered the kids into the van.  They wanted to pick out their own gifts at Target.  Andy was amused.  I was frightened.  I anxiously waited for their arrival home.
Here’s what I was handed:

Yep.  A bright pink and orange Timex (my favorite colors).  I recently had a sports watch break and they wanted to replace it.  Thoughtful!  Sea Salt chocolate.  They saw a display and just knew that MOMMA LOVES CHOCOLATE.  Andy helped with the flavor.  Score!  Wonder Woman undies.  Not sure how to comment on that one.  But apparently first choice was Hello Kitty with very little rear coverage.  And some BRIGHT PINK 80s lipstick to match the watch and undies.  And yes, I put it on and wore it for all of our errands proudly. Did you see the photo?
I hope you enjoyed the day!
Here are some of my favorite finds around the web about moms:
The Open Letter to Moms from Kid President – This is hysterical.  The little guy is just so cute.
I am The “Mom on the iPhone” – I really enjoyed this one.  People have NO IDEA what you are doing on your iPhone and should leave judgment at the door.  I admit I am often on the iPhone at the park, when out with my kids, etc.  But I am usually sending a quick photo to my hubby when he’s traveling or to the out-of-town grandparents to share our adventure with them.  (And yes, I sometimes check FB)  My hubby is also on his iPhone at the zoo, at a restaurant, etc.  But without his iPhone, he’d be at the office.  It allows him flexibility to go with us.  So…lay off.  I get that there is a balance, but having my phone with me and OUT, does not immediately make me an evil, disinterested, neglecting parent.
Dear Moms – This is even better.  Let’s just do away with “Dear Moms…” all together.  Amen.
Missing Mom – For those of you without your moms this year, I cannot imagine.  Hang in there.
Infertility – I walked in your shoes for 2 years.  I cannot fathom a longer journey.  There are no words, so I pray for you.
Happy Mother’s Day!
Do you have any special traditions?



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  1. Tricia, thanks so much for sharing my post! I appreciate it so much. I also laughed out loud when I saw the picture of your mother’s day gifts! My husband let the boys pick some things for me from the Target dollar spot – I got a jump rope, cups, plastic jewels, and a princess pencil.

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